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Service & Repair

We supply and fit only competitively priced genuine manufacturer or manufacturer approved parts, ensuring your car stays in a condition as close as possible to the day it left the factory.

Our workshop personnel are highly experienced and utilise the latest diagnostic equipment, so your vehicle gets the expert servicing it requires.


MOT Test

Vehicle MOT Test

If your vehicle is over three years old, it will require an annual MOT inspection. It's a standard inspection of over 150 safety-related and emission systems, including lights, steering, brakes and suspension.

The official MOT test is a useful annual safety check - and we are ideal people to take care of the test and any repair work. Our workshop technicians have expert training and only use competitively priced genuine manufacturer or manufacturer approved parts and replace like-for-like, if necessary.

Once your vehicle has been tested you will receive the official VT20 certificate which is your receipt for the MOT test and shows the information that will be held on the MOT database.

If your vehicle should require any recommended additional work this will be listed on the advisory notice of the VT32 document.

What the MOT test covers:

Vehicle MOT Test

Bonnet catch
Number plate and VIN
Wheels and tyres
Vehicle structure
Fuel system
Exhaust and emissions
Seat belts

Book your vehicle for its annual MOT at Taylors Garage and we'll take care of everything. Before submitting it for the test we'll check it over - pre-warning you of any potential problem, such as tyres nearing their legal limit, even if it won't fail the test itself. You'll save time and money - and have the reassurance that you're safer for the road ahead.


Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning System gas re-chage

We can fully service and re-charge your vehicles air conditioning system. It take sno time at all, using our Bosch, fully automated computerised system.

Prices start from as little as £49.99 for a full service which includes a full re-gas with an oil change, with free added fluorescent dye for leak testing.